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There is nothing like earth to color your world.

Ochres & Oxides was created when Charlotte Underwood, inspired by a growing love for natural earth pigments, began importing natural earth pigments from Europe to sell to retailers in her Pacific Northwest region and beyond.

In 2007 Tracy Thieriot bought the company and moved it to Northern California. A plasterer by trade, Tracy used Ochres & Oxides pigments in her work, and was impressed by the product. It was a natural fit when the opportunity arose to carry on the vision that Charlotte started.

Early in 2009, O&O increased their color selection and began offering tools. The tools are hand made to custom specifications by Ochres & Oxides artists and at Studio Ferdinand.

We are completely committed to long term and sustainable practices in the sourcing and mining of our materials as well as in our business.

We look forward to increasing our offerings of pigments, materials and tools in the years to come. We also hope to serve as a resource for the clients who use our pigments, providing information and inspiration to anyone willing to enter into the vast world of making their own materials and controlling their own color.

We invite your thoughts, questions and comments regarding our pigments and their many applications.